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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can I attend any NFGP activities before I join?

Potential members may “try out” any NFGP Program Meeting, Activity Group or Event as a guest for 30 days.  Contact our Activity Coordinator for more details at

2.) What if you don’t have an activity group I’m interested in?

The club is always open to adding new Activity Groups, based on member interests.  All our Activity Groups are organized and led by our members.  Any member may propose a new activity group or volunteer to coordinate an existing one.  Members can contact our Activity Coordinator at to ask about starting or leading a group!

3.) What do my membership dues cover?

 NFGP is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization and membership dues cover our operating costs. The major items your membership dues cover include the cost of operating our website, our club insurance, rent for Monthly Program meeting space, speaker fees, rental of space and service fees for our special event luncheons and funds to support our NFGP Camille Klein Founders Scholarship. 

All NFGP Board members, Activity Leaders and Event Chairs are volunteers and do not receive remuneration for their time and effort. 

4.) How do I go about making friends?

Be active! Attend our monthly meetings which have wonderful speaker and entertainment programs. Attend the after-program lunch.  Try different Activity Group events each month. Offer to volunteer at an NFGP special event or offer to host a Welcome Coffee.

5.) Are husbands or others included in the activities?

Several activities like Game Night, Grape Escape, Evening Canasta Couples and Sweet & Savory Pot-Luck Dinners encourage husbands, and significant others to attend.

6.) How can I learn more about NFGP?

Visit the various navigation tabs found at the top of our web page to access more information about NFGP.  Select Contact Us and send us any additional questions you may have.

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