June 13, 2017     Pete Delkus WFAA Weatherman     SMU-in-Plano
   July 11, 2017     Candace Fountoulakis A walk thru Plano's history     The Center for American and         International Law
   August 8, 2017     Nancy Nance Dallas Arboretum - Plant Trials     SMU-in-Plano
   September 12, 2017     Nancy Corsaro Mind/Body Connection     SMU-in-Plano
   October 10, 2017     Brittany Merrill Underwood Akola Project Supporting Women in Africa     SMU-in-Plano
   November 14, 2017    Lana Rich Catsultant     SMU-in-Plano
   December 5, 2017     **Holiday Luncheon (Reservations) Luncheon and Auction     Stonebriar Country Club, Frisco
   January 9, 2018     Robert Summers Master Sculptor-Cattle Drive     SMU-in-Plano
   February 13, 2018     **Valentine Tea (Reservations)       Eldorado Country Club
   March 13, 2018    Dr. Zsuzsanna Ozsvath "When the Danube Ran Red"     SMU-in-Plano
   April 10, 2018   Sharon Hudgins The Life and Times of Julia Childs     SMU-in-Plano
   May 8, 2018     **Spring Luncheon (Reservations) Installation of Officers     Heritage Ranch
   June 12, 2018   Rose-Mary Rumbley Thank God for Texas   Noah's Event Venue Plano

** Reservations and pre-payment are required for the three special events in red.

No reservations are needed for the regular monthly programs in black.

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